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Pinocchio and ... the interview


WE : Hello, Pinocchio! Can we ask some questions ? 

PINOCCHIO: Yes, you can!

WE : What's your surname 

PINOCCHIO : My surname' s Legno. 

WE : How do you spell Legno?  


WE : How old are you? 

PINOCCHIO : l' m ten years old. 

WE : Where are you from? 

PINOCCHIO : l' m from Collodi, Toscana

WE : Where do you live? 

PINOCCHIO : l live in a farm in England

WE : How tall are you ? 

PINOCCHIO: l' m 1m and 35cm tall. 

WE : What colour are your eyes ? 

PINOCCHIO: My eyes are light blue. 

WE : What colour is your hair ? 

PINOCCHIO My hair is blond.

WE : Is your hair short or long ? 

PINOCCHIO : It' s short.

WE : Are you fat or thin ? 

PINOCCHIO: I' m thin. 

WE : What are you wearing ?

PINOCCHIO : I' m wearing a blue T-shirt, red shorts, white socks, blue shoes and a coloured hat.

WE : What are your favourite sports and hobbies ?    

PINOCCHIO : My favourite sports are swimming, volleyball, tennis and riding my bike.

WE : Do you like the school ? 

PINOCCHIO: No, I don' t. 

WE : When do you go to school ? 

PINOCCHIO: I go to school five days: Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.       WE : When do you go to swim ?

PINOCCHIO : I go to swim on Friday. 

WE : What do you do in the week- end ? 

PINOCCHIO :I do my homework and I play at volleyball with my friends, sometimes I listen music.

WE : How many hours do you go to school each day ?

PINOCCHIO : I go to school about six hours every day: from nine o' clock to quater past three.

WE : What do you wear at school ?        

PINOCCHIO: I wear my uniform.

WE : Who are your friends ?

PINOCCHIO :My friends are a Japanese boy, an Italian boy, and a Spanish girl. 

WE : Have you got any animals in your farm ? 

PINOCCHIO: Yes, I' ve got a dog, a donkey, horses, cats, geese, cows, hens and cocks. 

WE : OK ! Thank you very much. Goodbye ! 



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